The history of Christmas Trees


Volunteers enjoyed a sunny November morning loading donated Christmas trees onto FedEx trailers, trees that would be hauled away to military families for the holidays.

This year's donated Christmas trees are scheduled for shipment to Hurlburt Field, United States Air Force auxiliary base in Okaloosa County, Fla. Teal has owned the Bark River farm, which opened to the public on Black Friday, for about 36 years.

While it may seem obvious, give some thought to where your tree will be displayed.

What to do? If you want the giant, lush tree of your dreams, you may have to get out there early - and pay a heftier sum for it this year. Whichever option you choose, make it a fun adventure.

"In my opinion the white pine and firs smell the best". Each of these will also hold ornaments well.

Amy Start, executive director of the Michigan Christmas Tree Association, said Trees for Troops is such an important program for Michigan grower to participate in. Fresh needles on the firs and spruces will snap kind of like a carrot and are not brittle.

"If they're going to leave it up until Christmas, that's quite a span", he said. But if you're in it for a deal, consider waiting until mid-December to get the tree.

If you have a cat or dog, you may find that a tree with sharper needles will help discourage them from thinking this a new toy for them. Trees can only be kept inside for a few days and must then be planted which may not work in our area.

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Although artificial trees are assumed to be less vulnerable to fire, AccuWeather warns that fake trees may be much more flammable than real Christmas trees.

Teal also said tree owners should place their tree's trunk in water as soon as they can and check the level of water regularly.

"Whatever family gets it will know where it came from".

While her mother, Dee Talmadge, has given up having a live-cut tree in her home, she joined the group in their tree hunt.

If the only spot for your tree is by a radiator, it's going to dry out.

When you take it indoors, remember that cooler temperatures and higher humidity will prolong the life of the tree.

"They're grown on Christmas tree plantations by small American farmers, and it takes up to 10 years to grow a normal size Christmas tree".