2nd Woman Accuses Franken of Inappropriate Touching


Lindsay Menz, a 33-year-old Texas woman, told CNN on Thursday that Franken grabbed her buttocks during a photo op during the state fair. This is the first allegation of sexual impropriety facing Franken as a sitting senator. "It was wrapped tightly around my butt cheek". SNL Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost took on Franken and the photo he tweeted in which he apparently gropes Tweeden as she slept on a plane on the November 18 episode.

The disclosure over Franken's behavior comes just over a year after the Access Hollywood tape, in which then-candidate Donald Trump appeared to acknowledge repeated acts of sexual assault against women, including kissing and grabbing genitals. When her sister observed how close together she and Franken were posing, Menz responded: "Dude - Al Franken TOTALLY molested me!" The woman alleges Franken touched her inappropriately in 2010 at the Minnesota State Fair. If the Senate Ethics Committee moves forward with its investigation - a probe that Franken has endorsed and agreed to assist - it may therefore be treated differently.

Franken's office says that the senator has no recollection about his interaction with Menz, but it said that he felt sorry that she came away from their interaction feeling disrespected.

Over the weekend, Franken's staff said he has no plans to resign.

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The woman was at the fair with her husband and father, who was operating a small booth for a local radio station, which his business was sponsoring. "And the fact that my own actions have given people a good reason to doubt that makes me feel ashamed". Franken, a former writer and actor for "Saturday Night Live", reportedly wrote a script for a USO show that had him kissing Tweeden.

Menz made it clear that she did not compare her experience to Tweeden's.

Franken said he doesn't disagree. He hasn't appeared in public since Tweeden's allegation.

"The Al Frankenstien picture is really bad, speaks a thousand words". The Senate is not in session this week, and as best as I can tell, none of Franken's colleagues have issued new statements today calling on his ouster.