More than 70 Connecticut Foster Kids Adopted by New Families


November 18 is national adoption day.

Several local stores and restaurants sponsor the event.

Ulysses and his wife Ida were chosen by the boys' birth mother to provide the trio a stable home after caring for them for more than a year.

Probate Court Judge Miriam Cavanaugh along with Michigan Supreme Court Justice Brian Zahra will join Livingston County families as they celebrate the Thanksgiving season by welcoming new members to their families.

The division investigates troubled homes and gives parents designated periods of time to fix problems before they seek a court order to place the child in a foster home, said Jane Phillips, a Union County court services supervisor and coordinator of Adoption Day. Demaun was one of more than 40 children who had their adoptions finalized.

"You get so invested, so involved, that it naturally comes", Christopher Youngman said.

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The Cohn's added number 6 to their family, and they say a full house has always been in the cards.

They may not be related by blood but the bond is no less intense.

Israel Archibald, 11, and his brother Aristotle Archibald, 9, were formally adopted Friday by a Newark family they lived with as foster children for five years.

"I just love her for what she has done for me", Israel said.

The Cohn's may not be done, as they look to adopt a little girl in the near future, and caseworkers say they hope more families, like the Holley's and Cohn's, will open their hearts and homes to the almost 4-thousand children and teens in the state waiting patiently to find a forever family.

Brooke Holley said, "My heart always just wanted to adopt her, she was just so sweet".