Assault On Uber Passengers Spurns Class Action Lawsuit


Two women who were unnamed on Tuesday filed a proposed class action lawsuit against Uber Technologies, accusing the ride-hailing company of poor vetting of drivers that led to thousands of Uber female passengers enduring a broad range of sexual harassment that included rape.

Uber said that it was reviewing the court complaint and that the allegations were important to them and are taken seriously. Bustle has reached out to Uber for comment.

An anonymous Uber rider is suing the company in California Superior Court, claiming that Uber did not take sufficient measures to protect her from a driver who allegedly raped her on November 11, 2016.

"Uber has done everything possible to continue using low-priced, woefully inadequate background checks on drivers and has failed to monitor drivers for any violent or inappropriate conduct after they are hired".

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Once again the globally renowned ride-hailing service, Uber is facing a lawsuit by two women, asking the court to force the company to change its driver screening and other practices on behalf of all US riders.

"Uber's advertising campaigns make the assertion that it provides the best option for a safe ride home after a night of drinking", the suit declared. This discretionary decision has allowed Uber to use minimal driver screening before and after hiring. The complaint cites accounts of assault by Uber drivers shared as part of the #MeToo movement; failures of background checks, including the registration as an Uber driver of the truck driver in the terrorist attack in NY on October 31; the debate over whether Uber drivers are employees of Uber; and misleading advertising from Uber about "safe rides". "Nothing meaningful has been done to make rides safer for passengers - especially women".

"This is no longer an issue of "rogue" drivers who act unlawfully", reads the suit. "Recently, the number of reported sexual assaults and rapes of female passengers by male Uber drivers has sky-rocketed". The complaint goes on to allege that Uber has willingly created a culture for bad actors to have access to innocent victims. Uber has also installed dashboard cameras in cars in South Africa, following numerous reports of rape in the country. It remains unclear exactly what that training includes, specifically as it relates to Uber drivers.