Users complain about unresponsive edges


Apple has its own touchscreen issues with iPhone X devices becoming briefly unresponsive in the cold.

Just a bit before the new Pixel 2 phones launched, Google released a new trade-in program that allows you to swap an older phone for credit that can be applied (in the form of a partial refund) on a purchase. Some Pixel 2 XL users have also found unresponsive edges on the displays of their handsets. As the search engine giant's massive flagship handset has only been in the market for a few weeks, users have reported yet another issue concerning the responsiveness of the screen edges.

"The touchscreen works while sliding my finger along the edge works, but when touching it directly, it doesn't detect that touch along the edge", wrote Deathsoldier11 on the Pixel User Community forum. It seems that the Pixel 2 XL's accidental touch rejection software is working overtime.

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There have been a variety of Google Pixel 2 XL display problems that have frustrated owners of the smartphone. However, we tried to summon Google Assistant with a pair of Sound One headphones and it worked absolutely fine. Like Google, Apple will fix its problem through a future software update. This new issue came to light in the Pixel Community Forum via Android Police, with a user reporting that the edges of the screen don't always react to tactile action. Cautious customers might want to go for the smaller HTC-made Pixel 2 instead.

Several other users chimed in, revealing that they were facing pretty much the same problem with their Pixel 2 XL units.

For now, it appears that the unresponsive screen edges of Google Pixel 2 XL have nothing to do with hardware defects.