21st Century Fox Has Held Merger Talks With Disney


According to CNBC's report, the only major piece of 21st Century FOX's entertainment operation that Disney wouldn't be buying if this deal goes through would be the actual FOX broadcast network.

The deal would not have included the Fox broadcast network, as a company can not legally own two broadcast networks, and Disney already owns ABC. Walt Disney can't own two broadcast networks, so it wouldn't buy the Fox network.

21st Century Fox declined to comment. However, with Universal holding the Orlando-area rights to Disney's most widely-known Marvel characters, a Fox deal would mean another of Universal Orlando's top themed area would be licensed from its biggest entertainment industry rival. It would also exclude Fox's sports channels to avoid regulatory scrutiny that would come on concerns that combining with ESPN is anti-competitive. And while the company's library of Lucasfilm and Marvel projects (along with Disney and Pixar films) is both extensive and appealing, the addition of Fox movie and television projects to the mix would certainly broaden the scope of what such a stand-alone streaming service (or services) might offer.

The entertainment giant would also add television networks like FX and National Geographic, according to the report, while Fox would keep its namesake sports and news networks. That would leave a tighter company at Fox focused on sports and news.

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Disney in August announced a new direct-to-consumer streaming service to compete with Netflix that will cut Netflix out of much of its content mix.

Sheikh said he is surprised that the Murdoch family, which controls 21 Century Fox, would consider giving up control of the company. Right off the bat, you could expect Fox's X-Men (including Deadpool and Wolverine) and Fantastic Four properties to be properly incorporated into Disney's Marvel Studios, helping them get one step closer to bringing all their wayward comic book assets back under one roof.

It'd definitely be interesting.