Shilpa says something to Vikas that makes him wish his family dies


As the 2nd day of the task progresses, Shilpa and Vikas get into an intense fight where Shilpa jumps over to Vikas' side and the two soon get into an altercation that is eventually stopped by other contestants. Vikas and Shilpa come up with strategies to convince the contestants to work under them and hire them as their employees. Since Vikas and Shilpa's team could not complete the consignment of 75 cushions, Bigg Boss announces that they have failed in the first round.

Now, we reveal the victor of the activity. Then what, as expected, Vikas and his team lash out at Shilpa and her team. Akash tells Shilpa that Dhinchak Pooja seems to have fallen in love with Luv. After some time, Mehjabi realised her fault and said sorry to Shilpa. Vikas goes to call Shilpa "pagal aurat", she swears to teach him a lesson if he tries to hurt her again. While Hina stole needles so that the team can stitch the cushions together, Shilpa discretely stole all the money from Vikas' locker which then led to a major fight as Vikas rejected all the entire order of cushions made by Shilpa's team. A furious Priyanka Sharma quits Vikas' team and joins Shilpa. Vikas also won the task as he had more points than Shilpa. Hina Khan was seen sharing the stolen money with Luv. As per the luxury budget task, the contestant with the maximum amount of money at the end would be declared as the next Captain.

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Then, Bigg Boss gives a second order of making 50 cushions in two hours. In case, you missed it, here's what happened previously: Read Also:Bigg Boss 11 Episode 30, Day 30, 31st October 2017 Read Also:Bigg Boss 11 Episode 29, Day 29, October 30, 2017 As we are waiting for the show to start, here's some scoop on what's going to happen tonight:8:56 pm: Tonight's episode is a total entertainer as the luxury budget task takes a toll on the contestants. Shilpa divided the money left with her between Sapna and Akah.

The Tuesday episode of Bigg Boss 11 opened with the song, Baar Baar Haan, and captured the mood of the house. Vikas felt bad that Priyank chose Benafsha over him. Meanwhile, everyone was coming up with plans to how to win the game.