Sony's Paris Games Week press conference highlights


You should definitely try the HD remake if you've never known the joys of Spelunky. but at this point, you could also just wait for the sequel.

The Curse of Osiris WILL feature a new Raid for Destiny 2 as well.

Far Cry 5 is set to release on February 27th, 2018.

Sony announced that Call of Duty: WWII is getting its first map pack, The Resistance, on January 30. Other than that, the trailer reveals little more than some of the art as well as the timeline for the game happening after the original.

During Sony's Paris Games Week Media Showcase, it was revealed that Monster Hunter World would get a PS4 beta in December.

Weinstein offered Rose McGowan $1 million in exchange for her silence
McGowan has been Weinstein's most vocal accuser after she took to Twitter two weeks ago to allege that he was her rapist. McGowan - who accused Harvey of rape earlier in the month - said she considered the offer but wanted $6 million instead.

Guacamelee 2 has been confirmed for a "soonish" release date on PS4, it was today confirmed.

Quantic Dream's Detroit: Become Human got a new trailer at Paris Games Week. That's also the most console sales it's seen in the past year and a half, not including the holiday 2016 quarter (when it sold 9.7 million units). Apparently players will play as a robot in the game that can make choices. During this period, I wrote a book about Spelunky's development and my design philosophies, but mostly I spent time with my wife and daughter.

Like the Xbox Game Pass, Sony offers a service of game streaming by subscription, the Playstation Now. Let us know in the comments below, and if you want to relive the announcements again firsthand, check out our Sony Paris Games Week press conference liveblog.

Finally giving series diehards what they were looking for, a new trailer for God of War was shown during the event and it is fittingly epic.