Annabella Sciorra says Harvey Weinstein violently raped her


The producer only fled when she started shaking so violently "he must have feared I was having a seizure", said Italian-American star Annabella Sciorra.

Ms Sciorra is the fourth woman among Weinstein's 70 accusers who claims he raped her and she is expected to give a statement to police in NY this week. Sciorra said he pushed her onto the bed and got on top of her before proceeding to "force her to have sex". The Kill Bill actress said she left through a back entrance and slept in her co-worker's room, but Harvey came back the very next day.

Weinstein locked her arms over her head with one hand while he forced himself inside her, Sciorra said. She said that she resisted when the now-disgraced producer raped her and "when he was done, he ejaculated on my leg, and on my nightgown".

According to a report on Weinstein by The New Yorker, the actress told that the movie mogul forced her to have sex at such extent that she has to recive the therapy. "I called everybody", she recalled, including her manager, a producer on the film, and its director, Quentin Tarantino, who has since told the Times that he knew enough, from his years collaborating with Weinstein, to have done more to stop him, and regrets his failure to do so.

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Sciorra chose to come public after the recent outpouring of allegations against the former Miramax director. The actress kept pressing buttons for valet and room service when one finally showed up. "I said, 'No, you can't!' And then he said, 'At least flash me, then.' And I said, 'F-k off, Harvey'". Following the filming, Sciorra says she became part of the "circle of Miramax".

"It was sort of incessant, and then it started turning into pounding on my door", she told the New Yorker.

Weinstein's attempts peaked several years later in Rome, where Hannah was again in her room with her makeup artist. "The knocking started again and again".

When she turned to leave, she says, Weinstein accosted her. And I was like, 'Oh, shit, ' " Hannah recalled. He just burst in like a raging bull. "They're gonna look at me and they're gonna know". So when he asked her hotel room number to schedule a meeting, she didn't think much of it. "I was looking out the window of my living room, and I faced the water of the East River", said Sciorra upon contacting Farrow again.