Facebook gets real about broadening virtual reality's appeal


Mr Zuckerberg called it "the most accessible VR experience ever". The Oculus Go is a standalone VR headset, which means it does not require additional devices to function, like the Samsung Gear VR. You can invite friends to visit and check out your Home, of course, and Oculus says it's looking into other ways you can hang with your virtual buddies in the future. No word yet on price as its still early days, but expect something close to the hefty $599/£599 of the original Rift. But the Go is not just a less expensive version of the Rift.

The Oculus Go will straddle the market between the Rift and the Samsung Gear, a $129 headset that runs on some of Samsung's higher-priced phones.

Barra announced that the company had developed custom lenses for the headset, which allow for a wide field of view.

Oculus has shared minimal hardware details about the Oculus Go at this point. There's also a fast-switch LCD display boasting a 2560 x 1440 resolution, which will help reduce lag.

The real kicker in the Go is it will act as a standalone unit.

Gartner analyst Brian Blau said there's still one hurdle the Oculus Go will have to overcome.

Even the Gear VR and Oculus Go controllers closely resemble each other.

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This kind of content isn't much different from what similar headsets offer already, and those haven't exactly taken the world by storm.

The new headset is made of a new breathable cloth, for improved comfort, and the Go can be used with glasses.

Project Santa Cruz: Oculus showed off its latest prototype for an untethered headset that could be paired with a computer and positionally tracked hand controllers for a Rift-type, immersive virtual-reality experience. The device will ship to consumers in 2018 while the developer kit will be available starting next month.

Oculus Go will likely find its followers, much as the Windows MR headsets will because of the devices' affordable prices, low barrier to entry and solid user experiences.

Virtual Reality (VR), largely believed to be the next big platform for computing, has been stagnating.

"We are setting a goal", he said.