Woman Wrestles Shark Out Of Pool With Bare Hands


A fearless woman has been nicknamed the "shark wrangler" after she discovered a shark in a swimming pool and boldly picked it up and tossed it back in the ocean. A shark in the oak park pool!

Cronulla Real Estate posted the video to Facebook, which shows the shark swimming under Hatheier.

"He was pretty distressed and bumping into things, so I just followed him around for a bit", she said.

She amazed onlookers by swimming alongside it before calmly lifting it out the pool, over and wall and dropping it into the sea. And they didn't know what to do.

Hatheier's daughter, Shannon, captured the daring save on video, showing the real estate agent using her bare hands and picking up the shark and safely placing it over the divider.

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The clip was captioned, "Our in house Shark Wrangler Melissa Hatheier wrestling a shark out of Oak Park Rock Pool yesterday morning!"

"So I herded him into the shallows and then I just sort of got on my knees".

But - as the video shows - Melissa didn't let the warnings scare her. "I then grabbed him around the neck so he couldn't swing around and bite me".

"I wasn't scared. I was just thinking he was trapped in this rock pool and I needed to help him out".

By holding the bronze whaler upside down, Ms Hatheier put the shark into a state of paralysis called "tonic immobility", meaning she could safely move it without putting herself in danger.