Windows Phone just died (again)


While being a big fan of the Windows platform, his move to Android is a sign that Microsoft is no longer pushing their own operating system for smartphones.

Microsoft has no plans to build new versions of its Windows Phone, one company executive has suggested.

It's official: Microsoft is no longer focusing on the Windows 10 Mobile platform. In a series of tweets, Belfiore detailed how the operating system would enter servicing mode - that means bug fixes and security updates, but no new features. This appears to be similar to what Bill Gates has done after admitting he'd switched to an Android phone filled with Microsoft software.

Sound like any of these ideas might push Microsoft into the future, or at least give some incentive for Windows Phone users to continue using Microsoft devices? The Redmond giant has confirmed that it isn't abandoning the OS altogether and will continue to provide support and security updates for the current devices. In the end, he told the consumer that he should just "choose what's best 4 u".

Windows Phone 7 came out as a very tempting OS to the casual users but had a lot of restrictions.

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Microsoft produces a wide range of applications for iOS and Android, including its Office suite of apps like Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Belfiore didn't reveal what phone exactly is he using but it would be amusing if it was one of the new Nokias. He even confessed that they "tried very hard" to increase the popular apps for the platform by paying developers.

Most of the experts from mobile industry believe that the core issue was lack of apps available for Windows mobile. We can't ignore that Microsoft has a strong hold in PC market and most of us use Windows 10 on our PC or laptop having a new platform within Microsoft's ecosystem will be incredible. The Android new phone sales are at about 64% and that of iOS is at about 34%.

A few months back, Microsoft msft ended support for its Windows Phone 8.1 platform.

Google's Android operating system and Apple's iOS dominate the smartphone market.