MSU grad, SportsCenter anchor suspended by ESPN after tweets


ESPN has suspended 6 p.m. SportsCenter host Jemele Hill for two weeks "for a second violation of our social media guidelines", the company said in a statement on Monday. "Hence this decision", ESPN's statement read.

Her tweets last month caught the attention of the White House and press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that Hill's tweets constituted a "fireable offense". "But an unfair burden has been put on players in Dallas & Miami w/ anthem directives".

This comes after ESPN previously announced Monday that Hill was "suspended for two weeks for a second violation of our social media guidelines".

Hill had previously run afoul of network executives in September after she tweeted President Donald Trump was a "white supremacist".

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"In the aftermath, all employees were reminded of how individual tweets may reflect negatively on ESPN and that such actions would have consequences". On Sunday, Jones said that any Cowboys player who did not stand for the national anthem would not be allowed to play. She was clearly trying to act as an activist in riling a fan base to boycott the owner of a football team, for political reasons.

Many people strongly defended Hill's comments, while many other people strongly condemned her and the network that employs her.

Hill posted on Twitter following the Cowboys news, saying: This play always work. "Twitter also isn't a great place to have nuanced, complicated discussions, especially when it involves race".

"Cowboys have a huge national following", she wrote in one of a series of tweets. "If I didn't, I wouldn't want it to be better".