TV Reporter Accuses Harvey Weinstein of Forcing Her to Watch Him Masturbate


"It took a bigger name and a braver women to come forward", she wrote in response to a comment.

Lauren Sivan, a former news anchor in NY, tells the Huffington Post that Weinstein trapped her in the hallway of a restaurant and masturbated in front of her until he ejaculated into a potted plant in the hall.

"Well, can you just stand there and shut up."
He has since taken an "indefinite" leave of absence from Weinstein Company and issued a freakish statement apologizing for his actions while simultaneously preparing to sue the Times for their report.

When the New York Times broke a bombshell investigation on Thursday recounting decades of alleged sexual harassment by film producing mogul Harvey Weinstein, the blowback against him was immediate and strong.

"Not all that shocking because very similar things happened to me". According to multiple women who spoke to HuffPost on the condition of anonymity who said they had similar experiences with Weinstein, he has started out meetings or interactions with other people in the room and then dismissed them to be alone with women in order to make advances. The news anchor said she was incredibly shocked by his behavior, frozen, and didn't know what to do.

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But it didn't end there: Weinstein allegedly called Sivan the next day to say he'd had "a great time" and asked if she'd like to meet up with him once he was back from some travel.

According to Sivan, the incident occurred at a Manhattan nightclub called Socialista, connected to the well-known Italian restaurant Cipriani in 2007.

Bloom told ABC News on Saturday that she will not be elaborating on what agreement she is referring to. He suddenly exposed himself and began masturbating in front of her, and continued doing so until he ejaculated into a potted plant in the hall, she added. Since more than 10 minutes had passed, Sivan's friend says she went to look for them, but was initially stopped by a security guard.

Weinstein's lawyer said in a statement this week that he plans to sue The New York Times. There have been times they wouldn't speak for months. They said he appeared partially of fully naked in front of them. The Weinstein Company confirmed on Friday that the studio head would be taking "an indefinite leave of absence" starting immediately.