Grant Shapps: Who is Tory MP leading plot against Theresa May


In her first public appearance since her chaotic party conference speech in Manchester on Wednesday, the prime minister said she had the "full support" of her Cabinet. She said the government wants Brexit negotiations to succeed, but is also preparing for a scenario in which they could fail.

He told BBC Radio's Today program that the party needs to concentrate on being "effective and cool-headed" in government and that there would be no patience with any "distractions".

May's coughing fits which continually interrupted her speech, a prankster breaching security to approach her on the conference platform with the conference backdrop falling apart making it a triple disaster played out live on television.

Overall, pundits are suggesting that May's stock is not rallying after the speech, which comes after she lost her party's majority in a June election gamble.

Most of the Scottish papers lead with Theresa May's speech at the Conservative Party conference which is described as a "shambles" and a "farce".

Her aides sought to spin the speech as showing May's human side, countering the image of her being a "Maybot" who uttered scripted lines and answers during her election campaign.

Grant Shapps, identified as the ringleader of the effort to oust May after a faltering performance at the party's conference this week and cabinet infighting over Brexit, said there was growing momentum behind the calls for her to step down.

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The meeting will consider proposals to strip early investors of super-voting power and secure a multibillion-dollar investment. Recode's Kara Swisher and Theodore Schleifer reported more details on the proposals that the board is considering next week.

Under the headline: "Theresa May will stay as Prime Minister and get the job done", Interior Minister Amber Rudd wrote in The Telegraph newspaper that "she should stay". "She showed an awesome degree of resilience and courage this week of a piece with the fantastic leadership she's shown throughout the time she has been prime minister".

Discussions were reported to be taking place among backbench MPs as to whether Mrs May can carry on following a mishap-strewn address during which a prankster handed her a P45 and she was beset by a persistent cough.

May said she planned to take personal charge of the initiative to make owning a home a dream once again, particularly for young people struggling to get on the housing ladder.

They are also terrified that another leadership contest could lead to a resurgent Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn winning power.

"The tone I want to set is one of partnership and friendship", she said.

Meanwhile, there are reports five former ministers have jointed a plot to force out the Prime Minister.

"It's been really hard for her but we really are behind her".