Instagram's new stickers let you add polls to your Story


Instagram has added new tools to make Stories more creative.

You'll soon be able to poll all of your friends on social media, all thanks to Instagram's newest interactive feature. Viewers can vote by tapping on one of the options, as well as see the overall results unfolding in real time.

They can indicate the center of the photo or video or alert you that where you chose to place the text or sticker is a spot that might get covered by whoever is viewing your story. Just make sure you check back in before the story disappears to see the poll results!

To add the polling sticker, simply drag and drop it onto your image in your story. Instagram is a free download from the App Store. From there, you're able to write out whatever question best suits you, and choose the answers you want voters to be able to pick from.

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The temporal nature of Instagram Stories (they're only viewable for 24 hours) makes pairing them with polls a smart idea. There's a new color picker for text and brushes as well as an alignment tool for text and stickers. Select the tool (next to the color selection area) and the drawing tool will fill in the color to match whatever area of your photo you select. The app will also show you if text or stickers will be obscured when someone views your story (if they go to type a reply, for example).

On iOS devices, when you move some text or stickers around on your photo or video, you'll see a blue line appear. The updates rolled out Tuesday to all users running version 16.0 or higher of Instagram.

The alignment tool helps you visualize how stickers and text are positioned in your Story.

Second, there is a fresh alignment tool for text and stickers.