UPA failed to create enough jobs, Modi government unable to either: Rahul


Explaining his point, he said that those who did not have jobs believed that electing Modi and helping the BJP come to power would lead to job creation, something that Congress had failed to do. There is a large part of our population that simply does not have jobs and can not see a future. "If you, as a modern country, are unable to give them jobs, it's hard to give them vision", says Rahul Gandhi.

"I do not know Trump".

"30,000 new youngsters are joining the job market every single day and yet the government is only creating 500 jobs a day".

"Good governance is about centralising power", he said, adding that the "politics of polarisation" was a major challenge that India faces today. "The anger is building up in India right now".

A large part of what we are going to do is work on a vision for the next ten years that will focus on how to solve the job problem, will focus on education, agriculture, healthcare. "Why Mr Modi and Mr Trump rose is because of jobs". But he is unable to do it.

At an event in the USA recently, Rahul Gandhi had said he was "absolutely ready" to take up an executive responsibility if the party asked him to do so. "Right now, nobody is even accepting it as a problem", he argued.

Gandhi said the single biggest achievement of the Congress party was giving everybody in India a vision.

Vice President of India M Venkaiah Naidu on Friday said that dynasty and democracy can not go together as democracy by definition is the will of the people.

Citing the example of how the Congress supported the passage of GST, Rahul said that it is something the two parties agree upon. We have chosen ours.... "How much cooperation is going to be between us and them?", Mr. Gandhi said. "On liberalisation and big businesses, we are on the same page", he stated while adding that his central difference with the BJP lies in their policy of not carrying everybody along.

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Disruption of harmony, "is the central risk that India is facing", he said.

"In the 21st century, if you leave some people out of your vision, you are asking for trouble".

"There are two large migrations taking place - one is completely free and the other is centrally controlled".

Gandhi alleged that some sections of society, including tribal community, does not feel a part of the BJP's vision. "So that's where the real danger is". India's streght has always been, historically.the ability to embrace people and allow them to flourish.

Jaitley remarks come after Rahul Gandhi's speech in UC Berkeley where he spoke about dynasty politics in India.

"And how these two countries do is going to fundamentally reshape the world".

Gandhi said India was not doing well when it comes to competing with China.

Gandhi said the strategic relationship with the United States is important but balance is also important in terms of all other countries. My implementation and focus would be slightly different... In 2014, we had a vision that we began in 2004. It's very clear. And from their perspective it's a very powerful vision.Does India have a similar vision? "The congress party is playing politics as they don't want the current regime should continue", he said.