U.S. bombers buzz Korean Peninsula amid tensions with Pyongyang


The worldwide community is scrambling to contain an increasingly belligerent North Korea, which in recent weeks prompted global alarm by conducting its sixth and largest nuclear test and firing long-range missiles over Japan that it says could reach the United States mainland.

The Hawaii-based command said it "maintains the ability to respond to any threat in the Indo-Asia-Pacific theater at a moment's notice".

Tuesday morning, Trump will deliver his first address to the full U.N. General Assembly.

The United States and its allies have shown increasing impatience with North Korea, which has consistently defied diplomatic pressure and punishing U.N. sanctions aimed at forcing it to curb its nuclear ambitions.

The week of General Assembly, Security Council and other meetings is expected to be dominated by concern about North Korea, Iran and Myanmar.

"The two leaders noted that North Korea continues to defy the global community, even after the United Nations strongly condemned North Korea's repeated provocations twice in the past week", the White House said in a statement.

The reference to the gas lines was made, evidently, as an allusion to the sanctions imposed last week by the worldwide body on North Korea after Pyongyang's recent missile tests, Efe news reported.

Realistically it's hard to deny that now is the time to focus on sanctions against North Korea, through increasing cooperation with the United States and the added participation of China and Russian Federation.

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In response to past provocations, the US would send B-1Bs, powerful conventional bombers, to do a flyby over the Korean Peninsula, but the USA and its allies are now carrying out live-fire bombing drills.

Haley added she was perfectly happy to hand the matter to Defence Secretary James Mattis.

Haley said Trump's criticisms were accurate at the time, but that it is now a "new day" at the U.N. An organization that "talked a lot but didn't have a lot of action" has given way to a "United Nations that's action-oriented", she said, noting the Security Council votes on North Korea this month.

AMERICAN ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has warned that "North Korea will be destroyed" if it continues down a "reckless" path of nuclear expansion and threatening the U.S. and its allies. "None of us want that". We don't want war.

Russian Federation and China, however, are calling for diplomatic talks with North Korea while warning that a military option as suggested by the USA would have catastrophic consequences.

US B-1B supersonic bombers, together with F-35B stealth fighters, have conducted a joint military exercise with South Korea in response to Pyongyang's recent moves, South Korean Yonhap news agency said, citing a government source.

"I spoke with President Moon of South Korea last night".