Narcos locations manager killed in Mexico


Narcos is a hit series about the rise and fall of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, and Portal was working as a freelancer for its fourth season, which will reportedly focus on the notorious Juárez drug cartel in Mexico.

El Pais reported of Narcos Season 4, "Production will soon portray the Cartel de Juárez, an organization headed by Amado Carrillo, better known as El señor de los cielos". The area of the country in which his corpse was found is considered to have one of world's highest murder rates.

A friend of Munoz's speculates that locals may have thought Munoz was "collecting information and... started tracking him in a vehicle", which was reportedly embedded in a nopalera, a type of cactus.

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A spokesperson for Attorney General of the State of Mexico told Dedline that they have no witnesses at this time. This has caused authorities to believe a persecution may have occurred. Authorities are reportedly having trouble piecing together what happened leading up the Portal's death, and police are still investigating.

A producer for the Netflix crime drama Narcos has been shot dead in central Mexico while looking for new locations.

Netflix issued a brief statement to The Hollywood Reporter, saying, "We are aware of the passing of Carlos Munoz Portal, a well-respected scout, and send our condolences to his family". We'll update you as we know more.