Jennifer Lawrence Thinks mother! Is A Perfect First Date Movie


Darren Aronofsky has come forward to claim the upcoming Joker origin movie is the exact same pitch he gave to movie executives over a decade ago. Having noticeably kept their distance on the red carpet, the duo were suddenly arm in arm at the NY screening and happy to. "When it bites me in the a**, it just bites me in the a**".

'When I was 21 or 22 I was like, "I can't wait to be a mother".

Jennifer said about taking a break: 'I'm taking one. While we don't see much of her in the 1960 film, her presence is felt everywhere as the murderous Norman Bates is revealed to have taken on her personality after years of abuse. It was supposedly a horror film, but the only thing awful about it was that I had to stay for the entire movie. When Lawrence first read the script to "Mother!" in a New York City hotel, she found it so upsetting that she threw the script across her room, calling the writer and director Darren Aronofsky "crazy". She even joked about taking up pottery.

Jennifer Lawrence may have earned rave reviews for her role in the psychological thriller mother!

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Lawrence, who confirmed her relationship with Aronofsky in August, shared similar sentiments about the director while attending a news conference for mother! earlier this week. "I have oxygen tubes in my nostrils, and Darren's like, 'It was out of focus; we've got to do it again.' And I was just like, 'Go f-- yourself'". "I didn't even want the script in my house and then I realized that's why he's a genius".

There's one thing we know Lawrence won't be doing during her break - and that's starting a family.

She said: "For the past year, I've been dealing with him as just a human. I think he is bold and fearless". "I don't have anything set for two years".

But Jennifer has admitted there are some downsides to acting - the fame - but luckily she's learnt to cope with other people invading her privacy and asking questions. I thought it would never end; I must have checked my watch 20 times. People really stop caring pretty quickly, ' Lawrence said.