CNN Commentator Clay Travis: '1st Amendment and Boobs' Never Let Me Down


So I just went on CNN to discuss the collapse of MSESPN and said I didn't believe Jemele Hill or Curt Schilling should be fired because I believe completely in only two things that have never let me down - the first amendment and boobs.

Of course, as you can see below, his entire point was overshadowed by his decision to bring boobs into the mix, apropos of nothing. Both Trump and White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders have called for Hill to be fired in the wake of her comments, raising an important debate about the first amendment, ethics, censorship, and race.

Baldwin asked the panelist what he meant, not sure if he said "boobs" or "booze".

Evidently that was the point Travis was attempting to make during his weird rant: since ESPN fired Curt Schilling for making anti-trans bathroom comments, it should be consistent and also discipline Hill. "I believe in only two things completely: The First Amendment and boobs". "Why would you even go there?"

Travis was unapologetic for what he said, promptly taking to Twitter to share the news with his 443,000 followers after he filmed the segment.

Travis at that point composed an article for his games blog,, with the feature "I Love The First Amendment and Boobs" alongside a photo of a lady in a two-piece top.

"I'm done, I'm sorry". "This conversation is over, yanking mikes, bye".

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That was. I was one of those thought bubbles "did he actually say that on MY SHOW?!"

"I'm done", Baldwin interrupted.

Travis has sharply criticized ESPN in recent days for what he perceives as taking a "leftist" slant, and he continued to take shots at the network during his CNN appearance.

"Because I like boobs, and the First Amendment, which is exactly what I said!"

"That was entirely inappropriate and just forgive me that it took a second. Hold on, hold on", she said.

"I just want to make sure I'm hearing you correctly", she said again: "B-O-O-Z-E or B-O-O-B-S?"