Google Pixel XL 2 manufactured by LG, to be announced October 4


According to a listing by FCC (via Android Central), the bigger variant of the Pixel smartphone, Pixel 2 XL, will be manufactured by LG. Last year's Pixel devices released at the tail end of the 821 chipsets life, but the delay of the 835 this year means that an October launch will not be as bad.

The Pixel 2 devices are likely to be available for pre-order nearly immediately after their launch, with deliveries and in-store purchases slated about two weeks after that.

It is now learnt that the affected 6P users in the U.S. and Canada are more likely to get a Pixel than those in the United Kingdom and Australia wherein affected 6P units are being replaced with refurbished units of the same model. HTC made the last year's Pixel phones for Google. So, Google might be bringing in the Optical Image Stabilisation to the Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL 2 replacing the Electronic counterpart from a year ago.

It looks like the Pixel 2 series might be announced on October 4. Under the hood of a campaign, an official page made by Google asks the users if they are "Thinking about changing smartphones?".

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Google Inc. today announced that it will finally reveal its new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones on October 4, and much like the recently revealed iPhone 8 and iPhone X, we already have some pretty good ideas of the new features coming to Google's flagship phone.

Google is set to unveil the Pixel 2, the successor to its well-received Pixel phone, early next month.

Moving on to the second Pixel 2 revelation of the day, we can now tell you that there's absolutely no doubt that LG is making the Pixel 2 XL, a handset that's supposed to deliver the all-screen smartphone experience you may be expecting from a 2017 Pixel creation. A Google billboard in Boston is the one that suggests this launch date.

The Pixel 2 is rumored to sport camera technology that will include laser-detect autofocus, which helps the back camera take better pictures and videos in shaky and low-light conditions. This event probably won't be entirely devoted to Pixel 2, as we'll likely hear about what's next for products and services like Google Home, G Suite, and Google Assistant. We will update you with everything related to Pixel phones. The G011C is what lends itself to being a Pixel XL 2.