White supremacy symbol found in Destiny 2


Developer Bungie has moved quickly to remove controversial armour from Destiny 2, which players have pointed out seems to use the logo of a white supremacist group.

Bungie announced the decision earlier today in a tweet, although the exact armor was not mentioned.Bungie CEO and founder, Pete Parsons, also tweeted on the situation and said the companies values "place the highest emphasis on inclusion of all people and respect for all who work with us or play our games".

Though it has not been formally announced which item features the hate symbol, Reddit has concluded that its likely a legendary gauntlet named Road Complex AA1, which features lettering and coloring reminiscent of the "Kekistan flag". "We renounce hate in all forms". Originally, the word "kek" was an otherwise harmless in-game translation of "lol" in World of Warcraft. The problem would appear to lie with the back-to-back "K" lettering, separated by four horizontal lines, on the shoulder and upper arm, which-once someone points it out-bear an unmistakable similarity to the "Kekistan" flag, an idiotic "tribal marker of the alt-right", as the Southern Poverty Law Center describes it. Thus, you have the alt-right Kek.

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"Destiny 2 Hotfix will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the conclusion of the server maintenance", Bungie confirmed today.

The developer says that it was unaware that there were any similarities in the design and, once it was brought to its attention, Bungie removed the armour from the game. A fix for the gauntlet's image in inspections and icons will go live next week.