Here's the Hate Speech Gauntlet Removed From Destiny 2


However, players have been anxiously awaiting the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid which Bungie chose to launch a week after its release.

Game director Luke Smith has revealed that the Raid will have a Power range of 260-280.

YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are your friend: If you're racing to be one of the first clans to finish the Leviathan Raid, then you'll need as much help as possible.

But unlike the Destiny 2 Strikes, or even the weekly Destiny 2 Nightfall, the games first Raid will finally allow the games newest players to finally test themselves against the game's hardest and most brutal enemies.

Games like Destiny 2 can be up and running online one moment and be offline the next. However, Bungie themselves have laid out a plan for players to hit 260 power level. Raids are definitely the most engaging and interesting content of Destiny, and that will likely continue into Destiny 2. If you try to equip the best gear, it is possible that you might not be able to increase your light level, since some of the gear can infact drop the light level a couple points below.

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Not a lot of information is available about the raid yet, however, we do know that a new weapon will be included.

Those who are looking to grind for the upcoming Leviathan raid might be disappointed.

"These are your moments to discover - your mysteries to solve".

Bungie also confirmed that starting time and date for the first Destiny 2 Raid, and it begins on September 13 at 6pm BST.