Mexico pulls Hurricane Harvey aid offer as it grapples with quake


The Houston Chronicle reports Mexican leaders withdrew the offer because the country has its own disasters to battle, including an 8.1 quake Thursday that killed almost 100 people, then the emergence of Hurricane Katia on Saturday.

In a statement, the country offered food, generators and medical aid "as good neighbors should always do in trying times".

The announcement by Mexico that it was withdrawing its offer to help Texas must have caught someone's attention in Washington.

Mexico will no longer send the emergency aid offered to Texas after Hurricane Harvey, to focus on those affected by a deadly quake and Hurricane Katia that struck the eastern state of Veracruz last week, the Mexican Foreign Ministry said Monday. Specifically, Mexico offered to provide Harvey storm emergency assistance, making a diplomatic and humanitarian show of goodwill amidst a politically contentious relationship with the president of the United States.

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The ministry noted, too, that the United States had taken more than a week to respond to Mexico's formal offer of aid, and said that only "certain logistical aid" was needed.

"Mexico informed the Texas and U.S. Governments that it will not be possible to provide the assistance originally offered to Texas in late August in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, given that the Mexican government will channel all available logistical support to the families and communities affected by the natural disaster of September 7 and the effects of hurricane Katia in Veracruz".

On Sept. 6, Mexico received word that the US had accepted its offer, but would only need "logistical support" from the country, as the need in Texas had "declined considerably", according to the statement from Mexico. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson did have a phone call with Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray. "He emphasized to Foreign Secretary Videgaray that the US government stands ready to assist our neighbors in Mexico during this hard time".