Recalcitrant Flamingos Sheltered Inside Florida Zoos As Irma Bears Down


It isn't just humans who will need to weather the storm when Hurricane Irma makes its expected landfall in Florida today.

Numerous animals under the care of Dowling and his staff are taken to specially built pens, created to hold up even if nearby buildings were lost in storms or tornadoes.

Spaces like Zoo Miami will be riding out the hurricane with their critters and mammals.

'That's probably the No. 1 question I get asked: "Oh my God, when are you going to evacuate animals?"

The zoo also said they would be stocking up on additional food and water for the animals, keeping those species that can be unsafe in "secure night houses" made of poured concrete and welded metal, similar to what the zoo did during Hurricane Andrew 25 years ago.

Magill continued to discuss the zoo's fortified shelters and their stockpiles of emergency supplies for helping the animals ride out the hurricane. Speaking with the Miami Herald, Magill said the zoo is better still prepared this time.

Storm Katia weakens after reaching Mexican coast
It's then predicted to turn northeast, traveling north of the coast of Puerto Rico on Sunday before turning back into the ocean. Hurricane Katia is stationary in the southern Gulf of Mexico, the National Hurricane Center said Thursday morning (Sept. 7).

Several other Florida zoos will be preparing to ride out the storm, including Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, which will have its larger animals stay in night houses, while smaller animals will be moved to the zoo's veterinary hospital, according to Florida Today.

In Key West, when inmates were moved out of Monroe County Jail and relocated to Palm Beach County, residents from the county sheriff's animal farm - 250 animals that have been abandoned, abused, confiscated or donated - moved in. We are never going to evacuate animals'.

In nearly all cases, a team of zoo employees will be right there alongside the animals, staying with them until the storm passes.

In places where Irma is guage to possibly go next, zoos and natural life focuses are adopting diverse strategies. The Oatland Island Wildlife Center in Savannah, Georgia, has already announced that it will be closed from Friday to Tuesday because of the storm. As of Thursday evening, notwithstanding, Zoo Atlanta, Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbia, South Carolina, and North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro have all not made any declaration about being shut.

Houston Zoo followed the same precedent last month during Hurricane Harvey. Talking with the Washington Post, Houston Zoo authorities said flooding at the zoo itself was not a hard issue in the creature's fenced in areas. By Aug. 29, the zoo was able to reopen.