Mario, Luigi and Samus cars coming to Rocket League


Rocket League was announced for the Nintendo Switch at E3 earlier this year, where Psyonix revealed that the game would include exclusive customization options and Battle-Cars for the platform.

Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch now has a holiday 2017 launch window, coming with local wireless multiplayer and cross-play capabilities between the PC and Xbox One versions of the game.

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Check out a detailed look at the exclusive vehicles below.

Rocket League comes to Nintendo Switch this holiday. As seen in the below reveal trailer, the auto will have its own unique Super Star boost trail. More specifically the Mario NSR, Luigi MSR and Samus' Gunship will be available as downloadable content in the future. Each auto will also have a special trail design, with the Mario Bros. cars using Starmen while the Metroid cars trail a Wave Beam. Finally, Samus' Gunship will get a Wave Beam rocket boost. If you're on the orange team you can use the Mario NSR and Samus' Gunship, and if you're on the blue team you can use Luigi NSR and a Samus colour variation of her Varia Suit. The Samus vehicle will also have different colors depending on which team you are on, styled after different Varia suits. All of these items will come free to players on the Switch.