Google to take on Amazon Echo Dot with miniature Home smart speaker


However, only the Pixel 2 is likely to make it to the United Kingdom in October, the traditional launch window for Google hardware. A source speaking to Android Police claims that a "Pixel-branded Chromebook" will launch alongside the next Pixel phones at an event this fall.

Google is, according to reports, preparing to launch the Google Home Mini, a cut-down version of its Google Home voice assistant in a move that would pit the new device against Amazon's Echo Dot. Amazon is now the leader in this field with its Echo line powered by its Alexa voice assistant. However, it would make sense for Google to launch both products.

The move may help Google challenge Amazon's dominance in the growing smart device market. It is the main driving force behind Google Assistant and users need to first and foremost concentrate on the getting it to learn everything about them. While it will be smaller than the existing Google Home, it may also be cheaper and reduce the number of features that will be carried on the device, much like the Echo Dot. Though there is no information on the Chromebook specs, Android Police believes it might have some connection with Google's secretive Project Bison, which was meant to run on a highly-modified version of Android called Andromeda.

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Price and features information are thin on the ground right now, but we imagine it will work just like the Google Home, but in a smaller package and therefore a lower powered speaker.

A smaller, cheaper update would certainly be a welcome development, if Amazon's success with its Echo Dot is any indicator.

Other products expected to be released at the hardware event are a Chromebook and two Pixel smartphones. It said that Google was working on a laptop that was created to compete with Apple's MacBook and Microsoft Surface Pro.