Google Assistant Enabled Headphones Codenamed as Bisto Rumored to be in Works


With these strings showing up in the Google app now, you have to wonder if these headphones are coming soon, though I'd imagine Google would want to hold a product like this until its big Pixel 2 reveal.

The Google app for Android has hidden a code that references headphones that support Google Assistant, 9to5Google has found.

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Users could also ask Google Assistant questions as they now do with their phone or Google Home speaker. Google is reportedly working on smart headphones which would use Google Assistant to function. "It's your own personal Google, always ready to help", the code reads. At that time, it was speculated as portable audio device. The element essentially acts as a permanent notification and is labeled as being in the beta phase of development, with users being able to turn off the functionality in the Notifications menu of the system Settings app. The headphones are also expected to come with a Google Assistant button as well as another button at the top. It says to ask Assistant a question, press and hold the Google Assistant button on the left earcup. Finally, the Google Assistant panel now boasts a softer, more rounded design, whereas Google is also experimenting with allowing users to search the contents of the Recents tab, the teardown revealed. At some point before the end of the year, follow-ups to last year's Pixel phones are due - but alongside them, it looks like Google is planning not one, not two but three new product announcements. Most importantly, according to the report, these headphones would be capable of getting over-the-air software updates. The most talked about hardware event in Silicon Valley will also launch new Pixel phones, a Chromebook Pixel, and a smart Home speaker.

Additional lines in the app provide some more information about the headphones.