Pakistan ousted PM's wife to contest in parliament by-election


Sharif had resigned from the Prime Minister's office following disqualification by the Supreme Court in the Panamagate verdict.

But Sharif, who was disqualified by the Supreme Court last year for not being honest about his assets, remained unfazed by any of this and insisted the rally was the first step to bringing his party back to power in next year's general elections.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) spokesperson Fawad Chaudhry asked Nawaz Sharif who is behind the conspiracy against him, adding that his children will sent to Adiala Jail if they don't take bail.

According to media reports, as many as 35 candidates have filed nomination papers for the by-poll scheduled to be held on September 17.

Sharif is now leading thousands of his supporters in a "homecoming" campaign, in which he started a rally from the capital of Islamabad on Wednesday and is scheduled to conclude Saturday night in Lahore.

"The Supreme Court should do justice to Sharif and restore him", he told AFP.

On Tuesday, the Election Commission, through a notice, told the PML-N that Nawaz Sharif can not lead the party after disqualification under the Political Parties Order 2002.

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Within days of Sharif's ouster the PML-N nominated former oil minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi as a new prime minister, with the National Assembly rubber-stamping their choice.

A boy named Hamid was allegedly killed by the former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's Elite Force motorcade on Friday.

Political observers believe that Kulsoom knows the complex nature of Pakistani politics as she led the PML-N in hard time and toured the country to seek support for her husband.

At a speech during a stop in the town of Jhelum, Sharif noted that he was voted into office by the people but judges ousted him. "I am a patriotic Pakistani", Sharif said. "If I was corrupt then I would have been ashamed", he said.

He asked people to stand by him to make sure that their vote is respected.

Sharif's convoy moved at very fast pace from Rawalpindi to Jhelum, at times speeding at 120 kms per hour. "Do not forget your promise and when Nawaz Sharif's message will reach to you, you all have to be with me", he urged the workers. He said until the mandate of the people was respected, Pakistan couldn't make progress.

"May I ask why I was ousted?"