Giant inflatable chicken with Trump hair appears behind White House


While talking with the main studio in New York City, the Fox reporter was dishing out the news from Capitol Hill. The balloon was inflated Wednesday on the grass between Constitution Avenue and the White House South Lawn. This blow-up poultry also had hands making gestures similar to some of the ones that Trump's been known to make.

The chicken even appeared clearly in the background of a major news network's live interview.

Later, an activist in San Francisco came up with the idea of purchasing such chicken props for using them in the tax march, Jennifer Taub, a professor at Vermont Law School, said.

Twitter users quickly took to the social media to post dozens of images of the "irate-looking fowl". "It's all incongruous, and we are here to make fun of him for that", Brar said according to whom the angry-looking chicken which has golden-orange hair and hand gestures in Trump's style is available for purchase on eBay for Dollars 1,500. They were intended as a taunt of Donald Trump, who is too "chicken" to release his tax returns, get it?

The chicken was tethered to the ground but slightly swayed back and forth, without an explanation as to why it was there in the first place.

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The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The chicken also resembles one used to commemorate the Year of the Rooster in China in January.

According to The Hill, the inflatable chicken is modeled after a statue unveiled as the mascot for a Chinese mall in December.

Kelly went on to tell his team of Trump staffers to put aside egos and personal squabbles and stop leaking information from the White House, Time reports.

A giant, inflatable, chicken with orange hair appeared in Washington D.C. on Wednesday. He's on vacation in New Jersey.