Venezuelan Leaders Say They Squashed Attempted Uprising At Military Base


A group of men wearing Venezuelan military uniforms announced the beginning of a "civil-military action" on Sunday as an ally of President Nicolas Maduro said that a military base was under attack from "terrorists".

On Saturday prominent opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez was returned home to serve his sentence under house arrest, days after being hauled back to prison in the middle of the night in a move that drew global condemnation.

The reported attack in Paramacay comes two days after government allies inaugurated a new legislative superbody that the opposition and dozens of countries denounced as a power grab by President Nicolas Maduro. The assembly is expected to rewrite the constitution and give new powers to the ruling Socialist party.

Locals said a nighttime curfew had been imposed, as flaming barricades set up in the street by anti-government protesters spewed black smoke.

Maduro contends that the assembly is the solution for Venezuela's political standoff and dire economy.

The South American has for months been in the throes of a political crisis with protests that have left more than 100 dead, almost 2,000 wounded and over 500 detained.

"Every day, each scheduled session of this Constituent Assembly will mark a new page in the history of sovereignty, peace, and independence of Venezuela", Rodriguez added.

The president said troops battled with the intruders until about 8 a.m.

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President Juan Manuel Santos of neighboring Colombia called Saturday's removal of Luisa Ortega "the first dictatorial act" of an "illegitimate" assembly and vowed solidarity with the Venezuelan people.

The countries indefinitely suspended Venezuela from the South American trading bloc Mercosur for its "rupture of the democratic order". This is not a strong government, it's a rotten government, which is falling.

Camimpeg is at the heart of the "military-industrial engine", a Maduro idea for confronting what he sees as the "economic war" being waged by the opposition and sympathetic businesses to destabilize his government.

Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez says the incident was quickly suppressed by troops and the men captured.

Pro-government sources claim the attack attempts.

Seven men were detained in Sunday's attack on the base in the central city of Valencia. Numerous demonstrators say they support the men who launched the attack.

A statement from Padrino Lopez also mentions the recording of a video by a military officer who was dismissed three years ago "for betraying the homeland and rebellion" and fled the country.

The deputy leader of Maduro's Socialist Party, Diosdado Cabello, tweeted that there was "absolute normality in the other military units in the country".