China terms India's actions in Doklam as an incursion


"China and India should continue with friendly exchanges and mutually beneficial cooperation", the Consul General said as reported in The Indian Express. As the world keeps a close watch amidst fears of the latest conflict between India and China boiling over into an all-out war, it is easy to forget that what is also at stake here is the sovereignty of an independent nation-Bhutan-caught in the crossfire. But China has been lashing out at India nearly every day, seeking immediate withdrawal of Indian troops from the area.

China's Foreign Ministry on Thursday said India has been building up troops and repairing roads along its side of the border amid an increasingly tense stand-off in a remote frontier region beside the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

Already Chinese experts warn of potential "small-scale operations" in Doklam plateau in about two weeks' time to drive away Indian presence.

"It is a war with an obvious result", the editorial pronounced.

"The Modi government should stop lying to its people that 'India in 2017 is different from India in 1962.' The gap in national strength between the two countries is the largest in the past 50 years".

The paper said the People's Liberation Army had been moving for the last one month.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to visit China early in September for a summit of BRICS leaders.

The trespassing Indian troops reached as many as 400 people at one point.

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"War is not a solution to anything", Swaraj said.

The ongoing diplomatic communication between China and India on the stand-off has nothing to do with the current military face-off in Doklam Plateau, China has said. India sent its troops to the region in a bid to halt China's construction of the road, and there has been a military standoff between the PLA and the Indian Army ever since.

Desai, a member of the British House of Lords and a renowned commentator on south Asian affairs, linked the Doklam standoff to events in the South China Sea and predicted that the war would be fought in multiple theatres.

The editorial added, "India is concerned that the road China was building in Doklam might threaten the security of the Siliguri Corridor", however, it questioned that "how does that justify Indian troops' incursion into another country in utter disregard of worldwide treaties?" But Bhutan's official statement isn't to say that it does not wish to resolve border disputes with China.

The editorial further said, "Modi government's hard line stance is sustained by neither laws nor strength".

"India, which has stirred up the incident, should bear all the consequences".

According to a report in The Times of India, China's deputy chief of mission met his counterpart from Nepal in New Delhi in a courtesy call, during which China's stand on the issue was discussed. "This administration is recklessly breaking global norms and jeopardizing India's national pride and peaceful development".

The document says that as of the end of July, more than 40 Indian border troops remained, down from more than 270 with weapons and two bulldozers who advanced more than 100 meters (yards) into Chinese territory on June 16.