Trump defends McMaster as conservatives seek his dismissal


The dismissals of Ezra Cohen-Watnick, Rich Higgins, and Derek Harvey have exacerbated friction between McMaster and the White House's more nationalist wing, which is led by Bannon and has President Donald Trump's ear.

"General McMaster and I are working very well together", he said to The New York Times. "We moved very quickly from news to intelligence to policy with very little clarity on which lanes we were in", said a USA official who took part in the briefings.

President Trump and his son-in-law/senior advisor Jared Kushner are both pushing back on a widespread campaign to convince Trump to fire his national security adviser, H.R. McMaster.

The official continued that he expects a purge of "campaign Trump" loyalists to continue with particularly intensity within the next two weeks.

Senior Israeli defense officials told Haaretz on Saturday that the allegations against McMaster concerning Israel are false and baseless.

Sources say the Trump staffers fired by McMaster had repeatedly crossed their boss on issues such as U.S involvement in Syria and Afghanistan, President Obama's Iran deal, the Paris Climate Accord and the threat of radical Islam.

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A senior administration official defended the move to CNN, and said the security clearance had been extended to all former security advisers, so they could discuss with the administration national security issues that occurred under their tenure. The crisis is linked to McMaster's decision to remove four Bannon allies from the National Security Council.

The reason Trump made the pro-Israel comment is because one of the lines of attack against McMaster has been that he is secretly anti-Israel. Thus, McMaster has yet to earn Trump's trust in running the NSC as he sees fit.

It was revealed on Wednesday in news reports that Rich Higgins, who served as director for strategic planning at the NSC, was sacked July 21.

McMaster had long sought to dismiss Cohen-Watnick, who clashed with some other members of the council, but was prevented after interventions by Trump's chief White House strategist, Steve Bannon. But the White House officials told Circa that under the current congressional investigation, and given President Trump's ongoing concern that members of his team were unmasked, Rice's clearance should have been limited to congressional testimony only or revoked until the end of the investigation.

Kelly has also sought to tamp down on the type of death-by-leak that now is plaguing his former military colleague.

That is according to Bloomberg View's Eli Lake, who first broke the story in early April that Rice, who served under President Barack Obama from 2013 to 2017, tried to "unmask" Trump associates mentioned by foreign officials in conversations picked up as part of the US' intelligence-gathering operations. The Times reported Wednesday that Trump is considering replacing McMaster with CIA Director Mike Pompeo - and sending McMaster to Afghanistan.