NDA candidate Venkaiah Naidu wins vice presidential election with 516 votes


He will take oath on August 11, a day after the term of the present incumbent Hamid Ansari ends. His discretionary powers are limited to showing a little extra indulgence towards some of the more voluble MPs and, perhaps, giving the Treasury benches a little elbow room. However, he was re-elected to Rajya Sabha from Karnataka in 2004 and 2010 and made it to his fourth term in Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan in 2016 making him the vice presidential candidate with the most Rajya Sabha experience.

Venkaiah has been a trouble-shooter for the government as also one of its best communicators with his alliterative and catchy one-liners.

Several major legislations were cleared by Parliament when he was Parliamentary Affairs Minister, including the historic Real Estate Act and fast forwarding of the GST Bill. The polling will see MPs of both Houses gearing up at Parliament to cast their vote. By the electoral college means by the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha members (both by elected and nominated members) votes, the vice president will be elected.

Addressing an event about India's "missile man" and former President APJ Abdul Kalam, Naidu had said his initials stood for "Anything is Possible with Just Attitude and Karma". He was associated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. So, the NDA is in form; Now all India will be in thinking mode whether who will win the Vice President Election 2017 Results. To balance the regional factor, Naidu was the obvious choice.

Born in a farmer's family in Chavatapalem, Andra Pradesh in 1949, Naidu is a graduate in law.

Kovind, backed by the ruling Hindu nationalist right, easily won India's presidential election last month, tightening its hold on positions of power. He later quit the post after the NDA's defeat in the Lok Sabha election of 2004. He is a "firm believer in the principle of co-operative federalism", a principle that would guide him if elected Chairperson of the the Rajya Sabha.

Naidu was elected first to the Rajya Sabha in April 1998.

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Interested in politics since childhood, Naidu was an active participant in "Jai Andhra Movements" of 1972.

Venkaiah was the BJP General Secretary in 1993-2000 and its spokesperson in between. After losing him to the Vice-Presidential post, Modi had said that it was a tough decision to let him go as he was a strong administrative hand.

For six decades Naidu has been immersed in the RSS ideology and has been involved in building the party as he believed in its ideology.

By the 2000's, Naidu had become a prominent personality in the Bharatiya Janata Party.

The prime minister will also host a dinner.

In the previous NDA government led by Vajpayee, he had served as Rural Development Minister. No other minster is as big hearted! When Somaiahji told me there was no problem, I was reassured. Then in 1988, he was appointed as the state president of the party.

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