Spotify to release Xbox One app soon


Furthermore, The Verge has confirmed with sources close to the matter that Spotify is indeed launching on Xbox One soon.

A Spotify for Xbox One app was first spotted earlier this week by reddit users, after it popped up in the activity feed of Xbox community manager Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb. Microsoft is also planning a number of dashboard enhancements to the Xbox One in the coming months, in the lead up to the new Xbox One X console.

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If the service is indeed coming to the Xbox One, after all the Windows 10 app was recently converted to a Universal Windows Program, it will give users yet another option for streaming music on the console alongside Microsoft's Xbox Music, and Pandora. The company has made their app available on many devices including Android, iOS, Windows 10, and the PlayStation consoles (by way of PlayStation Music). Major Nelson, using "Spotify Music - for Xbox". It likely has something to do with Microsoft's efforts with Groove Music. While it is dated, Microsoft Expertzone (the retail training provider for Microsoft) tweeted something about Spotify being on the Xbox in July.

It seems likely Microsoft realized that shutting Spotify out of the platform isn't going to significantly contribute to Groove's growth, and meanwhile not having Spotify is a possible competitive disadvantage when potential customers are deciding between an Xbox and PlayStation purchase. Look for more details before then - stay tuned.