Google Updates Play Store Algorithms To Reward App Quality


Explaining the rationale for this change Ahn notes that in an internal analysis of app reviews on Google Play, it was noticed that half of 1-star reviews mentioned app stability. Let us take an example, among the other things; it will take into attention things like app collisions, battery usage and how many uninstalls the app has. All apps need to be optimized for the feature in order to take advantage of it, and Google has recently been in the process of doing so with its own mobile software portfolio, with the Play Store being its latest Android service to receive Notification Channels support.

Developers can use the Play Console to find and fix the issues with their apps. According to the Android Developers Blog, disgruntled consumers cite a lack of app stability and recurring bugs as reasons for leaving a negative review. This enhancement means that higher quality apps-those that aren't buggy, excessive battery drainers or frequent crashers-are more likely to be promoted by Google Play.

Google will make use of parameters like "performance data, user engagement and ratings" to create "quality signals" for apps which will affect their ranking on category app listings as well as search. It offers the example of Basuu which managed to increase its rating from 4.1 to 4.5 star exclusively by focusing on app performance.

This change is just a further indication of an overall shift in search ranking priority criteria that began years ago with Google's Panda algorithm: Quality content is what really matters.

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Google said the new algorithm is already in place although it hasn't revealed specifics regarding the new ranking system.

Google Play store appears to be taking a stricter approach towards Android apps that tend to crash and work improperly.

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