Rachel Lindsay Has No Time for This Instagram Comment From Dean Unglert


Rachel Lindsay told ET's Lauren Zima after the taping. "So I'll just say it's very hard for me to believe that they didn't know about Lee's social media", Kenny said.

On the 7th of August, Rachel will decide which of the last three men she will choose to spend the rest of her life with.

It has been 10 weeks of agonizing drama on this very trying and maybe not even fun season of The Bachelorette, but little did I know that the worst was yet to come on the Men Tell All episode meant to ratchet up the suspense before next week's finale, where Rachel will definitely get engaged to maybe the wrong person. Chris Harrison wants Lee to admit he's a misogynist and racist, as do all the men, and it takes a very long time but Lee finally admits his tweet was racist and he denounces it. And Lucas was... well, he was just really annoying.

He then apologized to Lindsay directly for messing up her experience on the show. The daughter says she's proud of him for finishing in eighth place and then ABC sends them to Disneyland because sure. There are two schools of thought you can have going into it: either celebrate Rachel's proud African-American heritage, or you can completely disregard it and just treat it as a regular season. Race wasn't an issue for me as I was going through the season. "Not only do I get the chance to find love and be the first, and that's scary, but I'm honored to do it".

Kenny's daughter is eloquent and lovely and anyone who didn't tear up when she brought her dad that rose can't feel anything at all. Since Lindsay is the first black Bachelorette in the show's history, the revelation was made that much worse, and Garrett was forced to address his comments during the special two-hour episode.

As per the aforementioned source, Lindsay says, "I don't know", she added, "Honestly, I'm not thinking about the wedding because I'm like, 'Are we gonna make it?' which I honestly think we will".

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"Well, I understand where you're coming from, from seeing that and not knowing me", Lee said.

Lee keeps repeating the phrase "I should have been a better friend" like he read it once in a book that helps children diffuse tension on a playground. There are things that I can learn. It was all for naught, though, and the only memorable moment came later, when Chris Harrison asked Rachel about DeMario and she casually replied, "Who?"

However, some said Garrett was being "used" to get ratings for the show on ABC and was grilled on topics like racism and sexism.

Rachel made an appearance at the end and told Lee he had squandered his opportunity: "I hope that in watching back the show, you realize that you were a part of something so great". "You had such an wonderful opportunity to be surrounded by different people and different cultures and you didn't take advantage of that", she said. And when I woke up and I saw that those came out, it hurt me a lot.

The final episode of Rachel's season of "The Bachelorette" will be next Monday, right here on WGNO-TV.