A History of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving's Complicated Relationship


The Boston Celtics improved with the addition of Gordon Hayward while Washington and Toronto are playoff teams but not much of a threat to Cleveland. I heard James was upset by Irving's request. They've been to three straight NBA Finals together, and even won a title for The Land in 2016.

For now, speculation and chatter are running rampant on the topic and National Basketball Association players are keeping up with the latest news like everyone else.

Los Angeles wouldn't be a bad fit for him, but it might do more good for the organization than the player.

Dealing with that drama isn't what the Cavs really wanted or expected. And how much has he grown out of the immaturity of his early National Basketball Association seasons?

As a pair, there hasn't been a more devastating force since LeBron re-signed with the Cavs in 2014.

Somebody is going to be right about which team Irving is traded to because predictions have him going to nearly half the teams in the National Basketball Association. Speculation immediately began as to why Irving would want out, what that means for LeBron's future, and how the Cavaliers would move forward with the rest of the offseason.

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Beyond acknowledging due diligence on all potential trade possibilities, the Heat previously had not directly addressed the Irving scenarios. That sounds reasonable enough. They made their trade demand, and gave the Cavs owner a list of four teams as preferred destinations.C. Ultimately a lot of teams will be interested in a two-year Irving, others want him long term.

Is Stephen A. Smith's reporting on LeBron just brand building? While the Heat have already traded their 2018 and 2021 draft picks, and are prohibited from trading their 2019 or 2020 picks thanks to the Stepian Rule, they could still offer this season's first-round pick, Bam Adebayo, after July 31 or more established players.

According to ESPN's Pablo Torre (via Clevis Murray of Def Pen Hoops), Irving "very badly" wants to play for NY.

Willy Hernangomez has attracted interest around the league but he's still an unproven backup. Throw in Willie Hernangomez and as many draft picks as you can, and make the trade.

The Heat are among six legitimate contenders to land one of the league's best players, including the Clippers, Knicks, Spurs, Suns, and Timberwolves. Irving is a unique situation in which he has at a minimum two years on the books. The Cavs are being patient, waiting for the best deal.

At some point the Cavs will likely have to trade Irving because if and when LeBron leaves the Cavs won't get anything in return for him. The question is when?