Trump Spokesman Sean Spicer Resigns From White House


He appears on Fox News frequently as a defender of the president. Scaramucci has coined a particularly crude nickname for Priebus, and Priebus previously blocked the financier from several other top White House roles.

Apparently, the appointment was enough to push Spicer over the edge, and he is leaving the White House immediately. Fans on Twitter hope they'll be seeing McCarthy's Spicer return in some capacity, though they are devastated that "SNL" won't be able to present any more Spicey press briefings.

Spicer tweeted that it had been "an honor & a privilege to serve" Trump and "this unbelievable country".

"I love the president", Scaramucci said when addressing reporters on Friday after his new post was announced.

Scaramucci is the third person to be offered the White House communications director job since Trump was elected. The article cited an anonymous source saying Scaramucci had met with a chief executive of a $10-billion Russian investment fund, and that Democratic senators on the Senate Intelligence Committee wanted to know if Scaramucci had indicated in that meeting that Russian sanctions might be lifted.

Spicer is also complimenting Scaramucci, a NY financier and frequent defender of the president who was a staple at Trump Tower during the president's transition.

Ever since being appointed as the White House Press Secretary, Spicer had emerged as the house hold name in the United States and globally, often facing tough questions from the media.

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UPDATE: Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, a longtime colleague of Spicer's, is reportedly furious with Scaramucci's appointment. Spicer will exit his post in August, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders will take over as press secretary.

Spicer resigned as soon as he learned NY financier, Anthony Scaramucci had accepted the job to become the new White House communications director.

Despite Trump being a fan of the highly rated briefings, Spicer hadn't conducted an on-camera briefing since June 20 and the administration has preferred off-camera versions over the last few weeks.

So just who is Anthony Scaramucci?

However, Ms Sanders said that the new hire didn't signal other changes in the administration. "We go back a long long way and are very good friends - all good here".

UPDATE (12:21 p.m.): More details are beginning to emerge about the lead-up Spicer's sudden resignation.

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