Amazon Readying 'Anytime' Messaging App


Users will be able to encrypt important messages that carries their personal information like their credit or debit card information and other band account details. Additionally, the site says that Anytime's features could "even rival social networks" with their focus on communication between users.

Lately, messaging apps have grown in number and features quite rapidly. We expect more word to follow on this new app in the days to come. The survey denotes that the app might be highly customizable with options to add filters and special effects to photos and videos along with changing the colour and background of the conversations. If you have them as a friend on one of the apps you've connected, it'll ping them via that app, keeping everything in one place while allowing you to communicate across platforms.

The messaging service would work across desktop and mobile, including Android and iPhone, reports suggest.

Facebook - having previously made smartphone users install the separate Messenger app to use the service - are set to start pushing adverts on them soon. Since it is going to be a product by Amazon, it is also have the marketplace built right into the app, along with Amazon Pay.

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Despite dominating the online retailer space, Amazon has achieved a considerable success with the Alexa-powered Echo smart speaker as well.

The app could come with GIFs, stickers and emojis support which is common in nearly every popular chat app. By contrast, WhatsApp features end-to-end encryption, which makes sure only the sender and the recipient can read messages going in and out - not anybody in between.

The launch of Anytime wouldn't be Amazon's first messaging app having released Chime earlier this year that is attempting to rival Slack in the work messaging stakes.

It's not outlandish to think Amazon may want to enter this market.