Reis, Severin join Democrats to pass budget amendment


In a remarkably tense moment, the House's Republican minority leader Rep. Jim Durkin engaged the Speaker, begging him not to give up on working out a budget deal Saturday. But, they didn't hold up their end of the deal.

Illinois, which has gone a record-setting two straight years without a complete spending plan due to an impasse between its Republican governor and Democratic legislature, is poised to start fiscal 2018 on Saturday budget-less again. But House Speaker Michael Madigan took to the floor, saying a vote wouldn't take place this weekend.

Note the use of the phrase "governor's budget crisis" without acknowledging his own role in the standoff, in which the House hasn't even voted on a budget bill since the beginning of the regular session in January.

If the General Assembly can't agree on a compromise budget by midnight, IL begins its third straight fiscal year without one.

The fiscal morass is the longest of any state since at least the Great Depression, with IL ringing up a $6.2 billion annual deficit and a $14.7 billion stack of past-due bills. Without a budget, the state enters unsafe territory: Some universities may not be able to offer federal financial aid, road construction and Powerball ticket sales could halt, and the state's credit rating could be downgraded to "junk".

Without a budget, the state comptroller will be unable to cover basic services ordered by courts, road construction shuts down, Powerball ticket sales have halted, and the state's credit rating could be downgraded to "junk".

While time is of the essence, the Illinois House has taken a critical step towards ending the budget stalemate.

Springfield Ill. The Illinois House has approved an income tax increase as part of a plan to end the nation’s longest budget
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"Every state is getting these new jobs but us", said Mark Denzler, IMA vice president and chief operating officer.

Meanwhile, Illinois risks intervention from federal judges overseeing consent decrees requiring the state to fund medical and other services for the disadvantaged.

Although the now proposed budget passed a test vote on Friday, it will not receive a final vote in time. "We know that IL needs a bipartisan solution".

They are leaving behind a state debt burden so high it already works out at $12,000 for every IL citizen.

- MAP grants for needy college and university students would be funded. The debt burden is so heavy that interest on pension debt alone costs about $9 billion each year, according to the Illinois Policy Institute. The board is among 21 state election authorities the U.S. Homeland Security Department confirmed were targeted by Russian hackers during the 2016 election.

In a test vote of the House's resolve to reach a budget deal, the roll call was 90-25 on an amendment to a Senate spending bill. The House action is seen as pivotal, given that the Senate in May-with only Democratic votes-already approved a budget and accompanying revenue package, and given the intense animus between Madigan and Gov. Bruce Rauner.

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