Donald Trump and Rick Perry Want to 'Make Nuclear Energy Cool Again'


State officials put emergency measures in gear that have abated the problem somewhat, but the result is that the oil and gas industry has to find new - and potentially more expensive - ways to dispose of its wastewater.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry speaks to reporters during a briefing at the White House in Washington, June 27, 2017.

Ten minutes into the briefing, a reporter asked Perry if climate change was real, and if human activity has made it worse.

"President Trump believes the climate is changing and he believes pollutants are part of the equation, ' Haley told CNN " s Jake Tapper as the controversy billowed.

"Either they do think Carbon dioxide emissions are a problem, which is why nukes and [carbon capture and sequestration] would make sense, at least to them, or they don't", said David Bookbinder, chief counsel for the libertarian Niskanen Center.

Perry has talked about the importance of advancing technologies to capture coal plant carbon emissions during appearances this week at the White House.

"The United States has been a net energy exporter-excuse me-a net energy importer since 1953", Perry said, "almost as long as I've been alive".

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Our friends over at the Houston Chronicle report that API chief economist Erica Bowman questioned the emphasis on baseload that underpins the Energy Department's grid study. Perry said it was important to get America's best minds involved in nuclear energy again.

USA plans to export more liquefied natural gas (LNG) to India and is negotiating for a higher price, Trump said in a separate press remark. I don't think there is - I mean, this is America. "The leaders called for a rational approach that balances environment and climate policy, global economic development, and energy security needs", as per the joint statement.

The DOE's study is about the reliability of the electricity grid and whether federal policies to support renewable power have done more harm than good.

"These politically driven policies, driven primarily by a hostility to coal, threatened the reliability and the stability of the greatest electrical grid in the world", Perry said at the U.S. Energy Information Administration's annual conference. Mitchell pioneered the use of hydraulic fracturing technology, leading to the rise of the US shale revolution, Perry said.

Asked whether intermittent renewable energy impairs grid stability, Honorable did say that renewables have distinct traits that require planning and accommodation. Coal, nuclear vie for supremacy in key Energy Department study GOP senators want surveillance requests from FBI Russia probe MORE (R-Iowa), a major wind energy proponent, sent Perry his own letter, calling the study "hastily developed" and one that "will not be viewed as credible, relevant or worthy of valuable taxpayer resources". "Absolutely not", she said.

Top Trump administration officials have been touting nuclear power as an important economic and national security asset, with Energy Secretary Rick Perry promising to "make nuclear energy cool again" and insisting the USA needs to regain a "leadership role" developing it. GAIL expects to receive supplies from early next year.